Using Digital Marketing for Recruiting and Retaining Employees

Digital marketing is often leveraged toward traditional business goals like attracting new customers to the website, generating better leads, or broadening a company’s product or service awareness. But those same strategies used to engage prospective customers can also be utilized for recruiting and employee retention.?

For potential new hires, a company’s culture and finding the right fit are crucial. Your brand as an employer is just as important to existing employees who want to feel valued and recognized.??

While many organizations talk of their culture and family-like atmosphere with employees, very few include these highlights on their websites or online platforms. Showcasing your employees’ stories and sharing why it’s so great to work at your company will help your recruitment efforts.??

These are some excellent examples (one who we helped) of organizations using digital marketing for recruitment and retaining employees.??

F.I.T., Inc.??

Fuserashi International Technology Incorporated is a global organization who manufacturers car parts. Their U.S. operations in Medina, Ohio wanted to better highlight their quality focused team, culture, and the benefits of employment.?

With Proximity Marketing’s help, F.I.T. overhauled its website to have a more employer-friendly tone. Their business is well established, and their challenge was attracting and finding the right people to work in their growing manufacturing operation.??

With a website redesign and more significant emphasis on their internal culture, F.I.T.’s website became more successful at attracting potential job candidates.?

Proximity Marketing helped F.I.T. develop an entire website section dedicated to positioning their business as a great employer – including information about open positions, why work at F.I.T. and employee benefits. To deliver a more compelling message, a series of employee testimonial videos were created, so candidates could here directly from current associates.??

To share this new content with the right audience, Proximity Marketing deployed paid social media campaigns that focused on open positions and testimonial videos.??

The digital marketing strategy helped F.I.T. fill over a dozen open manufacturing positions. The company also experienced a significant drop in interview no shows and candidates came in with a greater understanding of their company, its culture, and their potential fit with the organization.??

Other Great Examples of Digital Marketing Recruitment

Other organizations, including Westfield?Insurance?and the J.M. Smucker Company, are utilizing their online voice to better educate and attract potential employees.??

Both organizations have developed content rich career pages that dive much deeper than just open positions.??

Westfield Insurance details their culture and has pages dedicated to diversity and inclusion, finding your path, benefits, and information for both students and graduates.? They also use video to illustrate what life and work looks like at their company.??

J.M. Smucker addresses all the topics important to job seekers, including culture, benefits, work/life balance and even has a section dedicated to living in Northeast Ohio, helping to catch the eye of candidates outside the area.??

Business goals don’t exclusively revolve around obtaining new customers. Digital marketing strategies can be leveraged in other ways, like attracting the right job candidates, to help give your organization a leg up on the competition.??

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