Remarketing—A Perfect Fit for B2B

The Secret Weapon in your Marketing Arsenal

It would be next to impossible to imagine a company that doesn’t have a web presence in today’s business landscape. Yet not all companies are leveraging their web site to its best advantage. One tool that some companies overlook is remarketing, a focused effort to reach qualified customers who are already interested in your company’s products and services.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing identifies those customers who have already visited and viewed products or services on your web site and then pushes out an ad with a tailored message related to their visit. This doesn’t include accidental drop-ins or visitors who “bounce” onto and off of the site without clicking through other pages. Remarketing offers a means to reengage customers who browsed through the site and then left for whatever reason, without making contact or a commitment to purchase. This is where pixels enter the picture.

Meet Your New Friend, Pixel

In case you’ve always associated pixels with photos, you wouldn’t be wrong; a pixel is a single point in a graphic image and when you put together thousands of pixels, it displays the full picture. Pixel is short for picture element. However, a pixel is also a memory tool for a web page.

When an individual visits a website a tool called a pixel remembers that visit. The pixel is able to track on a more granular level, recording individual pages opened during a visit or how deeply engaged a visitor became on your company’s web site.

General and Carousel Ads

This enables the company to push out either a general promotion ad for the overall site or a carousel ad that targets the specific page the visitor reached. For example, imagine a metal fabrication shop that offers other services such as powder coating or welding. A general site ad might focus on metal fabrication but if the visitor clicked through to the section on powdered metal, the carousel ad pushed out would be related to the powdered metal services.

Longer Purchase Cycles

What is the reasoning for using remarketing when the purchase cycle in a business-to-business transaction can span months or even years in the case of capital equipment?
Remarketing allows you to:
? Reach a relevant audience—address your targeted potential buyers rather than the general public at large
? Take prospects further down the sales funnel—compel that purchaser to return to your site for more information or to take the next step
? Nurture the relationship—even with e-commerce sites, 96% of first-time visitors are not ready to make a purchase. Remarketing simply reminds them of their initial search.
? Practice cost-effectiveness—While targeting existing prospects, remarketing boosts more engagement than untargeted ads for a more cost effective approach

Higher click through rates

Clients will always see a higher click through rate and higher engagement with a much better ROI using remarketing. Keeping your business and services in front of a prospect will serve as a reminder during what might be a long sales cycle. Get a leg up on the competition especially if they aren’t wise to the benefits of remarketing and convert viewers to customers.

Have questions about the best tactics your company can use to benefit from remarketing? Contact the remarketing experts at Proximity Marketing.


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